Sustainability Statement

Jewellery, especially if it is worn for a special occasion, should bring joy and happiness which, we believe, can only be achieved if the materials and making methods are sustainable and ethically sourced. 
The starting principle of Gabriella’s Bridal range was to improve the sustainability of wedding accessories and jewellery, in an industry not usually known for its ethical values. As such, every piece in the Bridal Collection can be converted into jewellery to wear and keep forever. All the bridal pieces and all other jewellery ranges are made using certified recycled Ecosilver where possible and when available.
All pieces are made by Gabriella Casemore, with occasional help from a small team of skilled local makers, who paid above the living wage.
After much research, we feel that mined gemstones do not fit with our ethical aims and so we have sourced the most beautiful ethical alternatives.
Zirconia has been used as a beautiful hard-wearing alternative to diamonds for over a century. Our stones are sourced from one of the oldest gemstone producers and their created Zirconia gemstones are of the highest quality, cut to the same standards as diamonds. 
To ensure that our jewellery is suitable for vegetarians and vegans we have chosen to use beautiful Crystal Pearls as an ethical alternative to farmed pearls.
We continue to try to improve our sustainability in all areas of our business, including packaging and waste.
Please get in touch if you have any questions, we would love to hear from you!